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How big are the houses on military bases?

My husband is in the army and we will be moving on base with him soon. I was wondering how big the houses are for a family of 3. I guess I want to know if I need to find other places of storage to store some of my sons baby things. I also would like to know what life on base is like? How hard is it to get employment at hospitals on base? What is there to do on base? This is my first time in the military and I haven't been around it ever any input would be greatly appreciated.

How big are the houses on military bases?First of all, I just HAD to say that I LOVE your name (my daughter is named Kyla). But to answer your question, it really depends on where you are stationed. Some bases have really nice, brand new, or just renovated housing and others well........ not so nice, but liveable. For a family of 3 you would be allowed a 3 bedroom house. I have lived on Ft Riley and Ft Gordon and both houses (2 bedroom) were about 1200 sq feet. Not the best condition, but like I said liveable. As for what is there to do, again, depends where you live. There is always an Army Community Service where you can get information about the local community and what there is to do. In fact if you look up the base you are going to online, you may be able to get a welcome packet that will tell you all about the area/base. If you have any questions feel free to email me.How big are the houses on military bases?Military housing will vary from base to base. With a family of three you will be allowed a two bedroom home/apt. Depending on the floor plan you may need to find more storage. The Army tries to provide everything for the soldier and family on post. On the installations you will have things such as a movie theater, bowling alley, library, commissary (grocery store) auto center, swimming pool, and shopping center just to name a few. As a military spouse you would have priority with employment, as far as gaining employment it would depend on where you are located. I wish you and your husband the best with the military.

How did Germany build up such military power house without being preemptively attacked?

Seems to me Germany should have been attacked as early as 1933 based on its military build up.How did Germany build up such military power house without being preemptively attacked?All of the reasons people say they werent attacked are excuses.

France knew damn well when Germany was building up their military in the rhine, and at that time when it began France could've whiped them out, but no.. Britian and America said naaa let them build up

It sall apart of


2: Population Control

3: Territory

they let the rabid dog(hitler) take over the blocks and kill, and then when the rabid dog turned on its ally (russia) it sealed its fate, and all the countries moved in and took what the nazis murdered for so they could have it without getting the bad rep in acquiring it

Hitler coulda taken over the world and im glad he didnt

because hes a *****How did Germany build up such military power house without being preemptively attacked?It's not like we had satellites then to figure this out.

Also, people were still weary of war from WWI and we were in the Great Depression.How did Germany build up such military power house without being preemptively attacked?The German government(which means Hitler) hid everything but their infantry units from the rest of the world.They made cars that that were shaped like war planes, so that all they needed to do was stick wings on its sides to make it fly worthy.

Also, no one wanted to go to war with Germany to begin with.They wanted to negotiate with diplomacy in order to avoid a war.It is a little ironic, prolonged peace actually killed more people later on.

What are the different types of military branches?

I am interested in the military, but I need to know the different branches and stuff. The only one I know is the marines. Can you tell me some others, and maybe a little explanation about what they do? Thanks!What are the different types of military branches?There are 5 branches of the US military -

1. The US Army - comprised of the regular Army (active duty), the Army Reserve and the Army National Guard

The Army mission is to provide to combatant commanders the forces and capabilities necessary to execute the National Security, National Defense, and National Military Strategies. Army forces provide the capability-by threat, force, or occupation-to promptly gain, sustain, and exploit comprehensive control over land, resources, and people. This landpower capability compliments the other Services' capabilities. Furthermore, the Army is charged to provide logistic and other executive agent functions to enable the other Services to accomplish their missions.

2. The US Navy - comprised of the regular Navy (active duty) and the Navy Reserve

The mission of the Navy is to maintain, train and equip combat-ready Naval forces capable of winning wars, deterring aggression and maintaining freedom of the seas.

3. The US Air Force - comprised of the regular Air Force (active duty), the Air Force Reserve and the Air National Guard

The mission of the United States Air Force is to fly, fight and air, space and cyberspace.

4. The US Marine Corps - comprised of the regular Marine Corps (active duty) and the Marine Corps Reserve

The United States Marine Corps serves as an amphibious force-in-readiness. It has three primary areas of responsibility: The seizure or defense of advanced naval bases and other land operations to support naval Campaigns; The development of tactics, technique, and equipment used by amphibious landing forces; and

Such other duties as the President may direct.

5. The US Coast Guard - comprised of the regular Coast Guard (active duty) and the Coast Guard Reserve

The Coast Guard's missions are Maritime Safety, Maritime Security, and Maritime Stewardship. To carry out those roles the Coast Guard has eleven statutory missions as defined in 6 U.S.C. 搂 468What are the different types of military branches?Army = Invade, Occupy, Peace keeping, Ambassadors, Aid providers, Re-builders all in the same combat theater.

Navy = Work on floating city(or underwater sardine can)

Air Force = Fly or maintain multi million dollar jets that perform no real function besides a deterrent to other standing air forces and armies (except for the handful of ground support aircraft)

Coast Guard = Enforce maritime laws and sea rescues.What are the different types of military branches?there is the: US army, US marine corps, US navy, US air force. the ranks are included here
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  • How would I go about getting into Military intelligence for the Army?

    I am considering joining the military, and would like to join military intelligence like my grandfather did in WW2. My second choice is a gunsmith/armorer, but from what i've read those positions are more of supplies specialists than gunsmiths.

    Anyhow, I was wondering how to become a military intelligence soldier, whether you have to pass a certain academic test, or whether you can just sign up, and also what type of positions are involved in military intelligence. thanks for any info you can provide.......How would I go about getting into Military intelligence for the Army?1. Talk to a recruiter

    2. Take the ASVAB and score high enough for MI

    3. Pass the physical

    4. Pass the security clearance prelimminary interview.

    5. Take the job if its available.

    Go to and look at MOS in the career field starting with 35.How would I go about getting into Military intelligence for the Army?i try to write the answers your problem in my blog you can see any problem in my blog or in my business blog would I go about getting into Military intelligence for the Army?Military Intelligence covers a wide range of MOS...鈥?/a>

    As long as you meet the requirements for one and there are can enlist in this career field...

    How much do military corporations usually make in profit?

    I'm talking military hardware, not service. I heard Robert Gates said the f-35 is a 50 million fighter being sold at 100 million. I was wondering what kind of profit these guys make? I went to Wikipedia and look at all the biggest defense contractors. I noticed most of there mark cap (whole size) was at about 40-50 Billion, and there profits were at 1-5 Billion. It doesn't sound like "corrupt war profiting" military industrial complex I always read about.How much do military corporations usually make in profit?I think you need to study a little more, "Market Capitalization" is determined by auction on the stock exchanges based in large part on the expected ROI, not on an objective measurement of the actual capitalization of the firm.

    I used to work for General Dynamics: Shovel leaning was a refined art we all had to practice.

    How do civilian prescriptions transfer to military pharmacies?

    I just married a soldier, and we are enrolling me in Tricare in the morning. I am wondering what to do about my prescriptions - I have a years worth of refills on one of them. Will I need to get a new prescription from a military doctor or is there a way to transfer my previous prescription from a civilian pharmacy?How do civilian prescriptions transfer to military pharmacies?Welcome to the Army! When I married my soldier I had a really smooth transition with my prescriptions (but I was nervous at first too). Once I got my military ID card I brought that into my pharmacy along with TRICARE's number and they just switched everything in the computer to be billed to my new insurance. One of my prescriptions which was $150 a month went down to $22 and most others are as low as $3! I love it.

    I don't know how it works to transfer existing prescriptions to a military pharmacy... but it might be worth it (depending on your situation) to stay with your current pharmacy and just switch your insurance billing info to TRICARE since you already have a years worth of refills. Otherwise you might have to go to your primary care doctor to get new prescriptions, but then the prescriptions might be free through the military pharmacy depending on what it is... That's a toss up! Good luck and let me know if you have any other questions!How do civilian prescriptions transfer to military pharmacies?Your cannot transfer civilian prescriptions or your doctor cannot call them in like a regular pharmacy. Have your doctor that you have been seeing write them all on a prescriptions pad and then you can take them to military pharmacy. Make sure he marks the box that denotes generic brands as many places now use them. You might still have to see a military doctor for some of the drugs you use as the military has a list of drugs that they issue.

    What persentage of debt to the military can the IRS withhold from a person ?

    Is there anyway to reduce the debt(awol) that the military withholds from ia persons ncome tax yearly? Ex. A way to have it forgivenWhat persentage of debt to the military can the IRS withhold from a person ?You might want to ask this question to the IRS. Got to thei r website and ask there.What persentage of debt to the military can the IRS withhold from a person ?I believe they can take your entire tax return. Check with your payroll office so you pay the minimum amount in throughout the year.